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Here at Academic Coaching and Tutoring, we take a unique approach to helping your child. Our tutoring model is based on the science of learning. Every tutoring session is approached with the individual needs of each and every student in mind.

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The approach we take towards tutoring children is unique. We want to help fill in learning gaps, but we also prepare your child for future learning. Over time and experience, we have seen that children become anxious when they struggle with a topic. If they go into their next course with anxiety, that will leave them with additional gaps. Instead, our tutors help to fill in their current gaps and prevent future ones. We accomplish this by devoting a portion of every tutoring session to their current class content, but also providing time to preview upcoming content. We have found that previewing future topics gives the students we work with an edge.

We don’t stop there. Addressing misunderstandings with classroom content is only one piece of the puzzle. Many students also need help with the organizational side of learning. Our sessions also use academic coaching to ensure your child develops a more organized approach to their learning and schoolwork. For example, our academic coaches could help your child with how to take notes, create a color coding system to organize their locker, or develop a pacing schedule for an independent project.

Tutoring + Coaching

Academic coaching combined with our preview style tutoring, creates a foundation of success for your child. Every session includes: a preview of upcoming content, a mini coaching lesson, and subject specific tutoring to address learning gaps with current classwork.

Tutors provide support with:

Learning Gaps

Learning gaps can be minor, relating to a specific skill or significant as a result of gaps that are not addressed over time.

Homework Help

Struggling students benefit from extra support while working independently on their homework.

Preview Content

Previewing content before seeing it in the classroom is key to student success with new concepts.

Fact Fluency

Fluency is the ability to solve problems with accuracy and efficiency. This should not be confused with how fast you solve the problem.

Test Prep

Increase students' performance on classroom test and quizzes, standardized tests, and school entrance exams.

Coaches mentor students in:

Time Management

When students have a handle on how to effectively manage their time, they are able to complete more in less time.

Study Skills

Study skills are a variety of skills that focus on the process of taking in and retaining new information.


Successful students understand how to keep track of important information, such as writing down assignments or locker set-up.

Goal Setting

When students set educational goals it improves both their motivation and achievement.

Test taking strategies

Tips aimed at improving student performance on exams, as well as ways to help reduce test anxiety.

Academic Coaching and Tutoring

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