We Are Getting COVID Under Control So What’s Next?

Last school year was nothing short of chaotic…for school administration, teachers, parents, and most definitely students. With covid on the downswing, EVERYONE is looking forward to a more “normal” school year. However, there are still some lingering educational issues that are guaranteed to carry over from last year. Many students struggled with the ups and downs from last year, leaving them with significant learning gaps in many of their core subjects. If your child still struggles with some of the concepts from last year, you are not alone.

Academic Coaching and Tutoring Can Fill In Those Learning Gaps

Many tutoring companies focus on repetitive drills and practice items or expect your child to fit into their present curriculum. That is not what is best for children in our experience. What kids need when there are learning gaps, like we are likely to see in the upcoming school year, is a combination of tips and strategies that can be applied to help them succeed (academic coaching) and specific guidance for skills that are giving them trouble (academic tutoring).

Where a tutor gives your child skill-specific information, a coach is unique. The primary goal of an academic coach is to help your child develop a more organized approach to their learning and schoolwork. For example, an academic coach could help your child with how to take notes from the textbook, create a color-coding system to organize their locker, or develop a pacing schedule for an independent project.

A portion of every tutoring session at Academic Coaching and Tutoring is devoted to the coaching aspect of education. This, often overlooked component of learning, is key in your child’s success and more importantly, confidence in the classroom.

See How Our Academic Experience Helps for Yourself

Here at Academic Coaching and Tutoring, we use nearly 30 years in the education industry to guide our approach. Reach out to us and see how this unique approach helps you. Not only can we help your child fill in the gaps from last year, but we can also help boost their confidence so they go into the school year with less anxiety.

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